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     ARA CHO is a contemporary handbag / accessories line, launched in May 2014. The brand consists of Signature, Monogram and AC Collective by ARA CHO lines and it tries to be differentiated and distinguished from existing market with high quality leather goods based on creativity and functionality. It embraces women and men especially who have world-wide perspectives enjoying travels and social life. They cherish cultural diversity and unique values around the world. They have balanced life style between work and play. ARA CHO brings esthetics and practicality to users' lifestyle with originality and craftsmanship.

     ARA CHO Signature represents the brand identity. Seasonless yet continuous projects deliver experimental and conceptual themes that will inspire those who look for newness and trends in fashion. Also, statement items from ARA CHO Signature will satisfy lots of customers who are already trendsetters in their everyday lives.

      ARA CHO Monogram come across with basic design elements and simplicity carrying on ARA CHO's philosophy. Monogram line will function as daily accessories that would make users' lives much easier and fashionable.  

      AC Collective by ARA CHO shows seasonal editions catching up with the newest trends at the moment while being consistent with ARA CHO. AC Collective by ARA CHO takes part in as a bridge between the public and the designer to suggest reasonable prices combined with hip trend.


AC Collective

AC Collective was born to deliver selected fashion and lifestyle items to ARA CHO customers in order to enrich their lives. As an online select shop, an array of product categories and various styles will fulfill their discerning tastes.


arc studio

ARC STUDIO now offers one-day classes for leather craft in Seoul, Korea. From leather bracelets to clutches, it will offer the students a new experience to be more creative with full of inspiration escaping from 9 to 6 work schedule by taking classes and making my own accessories.